Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were emotional bricks?  I mean, what if we could only feel the good stuff?  Right?  Think about it.  Bricks aren’t only tough on the outside, they’re impenetrable all the way through.  They’re used to build homes that house families, buildings that put millions of people to work each day, and churches where folks go for healing.  When the winds and storms come, the bricks keep people safe.  They rarely lose their shape or color, because they’re so strong.  They can’t feel hurt or pain, and they won’t be replaced.  To be an emotional brick would be a God-send.

Instead, though, most of us are very marshmallow-ish.  Sure, we do our bests to put forth that rock-solid brick image, but on the inside, we’re smushy, unsure, and vulnerable.   And when storms come, pelting us with judgment and false ideas of who we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to be doing, we feel as though our tough exterior washes completely away, leaving us melting in the overwhelming abyss of being human.  We love our lives most of the time, don’t we?  But that every day grind is for the birds.

I’m more than halfway to one-hundred, just finished writing my first novel, a single parent, a special needs momma, an adoptive momma, and a neat freak who runs two or three miles a day rain or shine.  Listen, I’d rather die than leave my house unless my bed is made and my FitBit is on full charge, because I’m slightly OCD.  A menopausal mom trying desperately to control something.  Can you feel me?  This blog is for those who might consider themselves to be a bit like me.  A Brick Marshmallow.   You know who you are.  You’re the well put together somebody on the outside who is quite honestly a total disaster on most days.  You’ve made mistakes in life, but you’ve also done some pretty amazing things too.  You’re fully human in every way.  Fallible, lovable, emotional, sometimes temperamental … and most of all, you’re determined to be happy.

Hello.  Welcome.  You’re safe here with me.