Bricks!  Wouldn’t it be interesting to become brick-ish?  Bricks aren’t only tough on the outside, they are impenetrable all the way through.  They are used to build homes that house families…buildings that put millions of people to work each day…and churches where folks go for healing.  When the winds and storms come, the bricks keep people safe.  They rarely lose their shape or color.  Bricks are strong.  They can’t feel hurt or pain.

Instead, though, human beings are often very much marshmallow-ish.  Sure, we do our bests to put forth that brick-ish image, but on the inside, we are soft, mushy, and vulnerable.   And when storms come, pelting us with relentless rain and wind, we melt away.

Comfort?  Yes, we can provide comfort.  Just plop our fluffy marshmallow selves into some hot chocolate, and we can make others feel quite cozy.  That’s the key.  We’re good at making others feel cozy and comfortable, aren’t we?  But what about us?

This blog is written for Brick Marshmallows.   You know who you are.  This is for those families who are battling Reactive Attachment Disorder on a daily basis.  You’re trying to be everything to your child, to your other children, and to those who live outside of the insanity of your home.   You want to be a brick.  But you’re not.  It’s a game.  And you can’t see how the game is going to play itself out.  You’re tired.  You’ve run out of ideas.  Like the marshmallow, you’re melting.

Hey friend!!!  Welcome.  I don’t have all of the answers, but I’ve lived it.  I get it.  And together, I believe we can all get through.