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Best Summer Sandals Ever

Red painted toenails, sexy wedge sandals, and comfort you cannot even fathom.  Insert a chorus of More Than A Feeling by Boston right here, because not only are these sandals off the charts on the comfy scale, they are fire!!!



It all began a year ago, when on a whim, I purchased a pair of Eric Michael wedge sandals.  I was looking for a stacked heel that would make my legs look longer in a summer dress.  I liked the color, so I slipped them on and couldn’t believe how good they immediately felt on my foot.  I wore these sandals every single day.  I walked miles in them.  I even danced in them.  No joke.  This is what they looked like by the end of the summer:

summer sandal blog 11

What makes them so special?  Well … I’m a sucker for cork.  A cork insole allows a shoe to mold to your foot over time while the natural elasticity of cork absorbs impact.  This means cork is good for your foot.  According to LeafTV:  “The material’s ability to hold the heel and foot in an orthopedically-correct position — combined with its shock absorption capacity — potentially reduces instances of plantar fasciitis and other forms of foot pain.” And on this particular wedge, because the straps are adjustable, it offers the added benefit of accommodating almost any width immediately.

Summer Sandal Blog 2


If you want height, this sandal will give you more than two inches without the stress of a heel.  (Platform shoes are a brilliant invention, aren’t they?)  Dress them up or down, and choose a variety of color options.   I’ve already bought two pair this year:


Summer Sandal Blog 5Summer Sandal Blog 3Summber Sandal Blog 4


This wedge sandal will once again be my go-to this Summer.  I’ll pair them with summer dresses and shorts when I go out, but will also sport them on the beach and by the pool.  By the end of the Summer, they will look exactly like my pair from last year.  I found a site that has them on sale right now if you want to purchase them:   Click Here!

Just my thoughts.



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